I’ve Had Just About Enough

As of today, over 45 million Americans have already voted. In 2016 the election was decided by almost 129 million voters. Meaning a lot of people have voted and a lot more have decided. Nevertheless, the final presidential debate and a better debate was brought to you by the mute button and a Black woman. Also, Trump said: “I’m the least racist person in this room.” Just going to leave that here. 

Now on to real News:


Three days ago, Nigerian soldiers opened fire on protestors in Lagos. Several protesters were killed. This is after tens of thousands gathered to protest SARS. If you still don’t know what that it is, it’s Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). They are an abusive quasi-police force that has been accused of extortion, torture, and killing of the youth in Nigeria. The movement started with disbanding SARS and has expanded to include a call to end corruption, poor governance, and to strengthen their economy. Now there are two camps, some who think they should take their protest inside, because we see now how far the Nigerian government will go. They are shooting their own citizens. And the other camp believes they should keep protesting in the streets, despite a mandated 24 hour curfew. Either way this is an outrageous. Think about a government sanctioned slaughter of its own citizens because they are protesting and asking for change. This must end. #EndSARS


I’m sure you’ve already heard this news. But I think it’s worth repeating. The truth of the country we live in is this: a black woman can be killed in her sleep for doing absolutely nothing and the DA can think the use of force was justified. And because of his thoughts, he doesn’t present that information to the grand jury. During the hearing, because the world knows the case, the jurors ask about additional charges and prosecutors say they aren’t presenting any other charges; but wanton endangerment. They say it’s because they “can’t make them stick.” And if that is not enough, we now have to endure one of her murders making statements trying to convince us “it was not a race thing.” 

Officer Mattingly is of the opinion that: “This is not relatable to a George Floyd. This is nothing like it. It’s not an Ahmaud Arbery. It’s nothing like it,” “These are two totally different types of incidents. It’s not a race thing, like people want to try to make it to be.”

Then he goes on to say, “There’s a reason the police were there that night, And if you’re a law-abiding citizen, the only contact you’ll probably ever have with the police is running into them in Thorntons or if you get a speeding ticket. Other than that, unless you know them, you’re not really dealing with the police.

Every Black American knows that last statement is pure fiction. They know that your contact with police has nothing to do you being law-abiding. In fact, Breonna Taylor WAS LAW ABIDING; and she did not get a speeding ticket. Despite that, she came into contact with Officer Mattingly and didn’t live to tell her side of the story. For further proof that this is about race, point to all those accounts of sleeping white women that have been killed by police serving no knock warrants? I’ll wait. To say that this case comes down to the time between the alleged announcement that you are police and entering the apartment is insulting. It removes the idea, that if she were a white woman, whose EX-boyfriend sold drugs, a no-knock warrant would not have been requested or issued. But yeah, keep trying to make me believe that this case has nothing to do with race. Without race, this case does not happen. But for her black skin, she would be alive today. 

So, I have to ask Officer Mattingly (and any of the other officers that get any bright ideas about sharing) to JUST SHUT UP. The last thing we need to hear is YOUR thoughts. #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName

No, Just NO.

Remember the children at the border that Trump locked up under his No Tolerance policy? Joe Biden mentioned them at yesterday’s presidential debate and Trump said they were in “nice places.” Well, you know what no tolerance gets you? More Harm. Now, there are 545 children we have and we can’t find their parents. For “1,000 families … [from] the  pilot program in 2017 … reunification… was ordered only last year. The passage of time has made finding both parents and children more difficult.” Many have been placed with sponsors, in foster care, or relatives if they have them, all over the US. So, what happens now? No one knows. About two thirds of the parents are believed to be in Central America. But, they (we, America) really doesn’t know. So, practically speaking, the children will likely stay here. Oh the IRONY!

I Got Some Ice Cream…You Can’t Have None.

Ok, let’s lighten the mood in here. If you eat fast food ice cream or milkshakes, nothing is worse than hearing, “Sorry, our ice cream machine is broken.” After one too many incidents of this, a 24 year old software engineer had, had enough. He launched a website, McBroken. Seriously! His website shows a map, if location is on, on your computer, of your city or of all the McDonalds in the US. There are also a green or red dot at each location, indicating a working or non working ice cream machine. When I checked, I learned that 10.32% of all McDonald’s ice cream machine were not working. And the nearest McDonald’s to me are all working. Score! I know, I know you were waiting for this. In his defense, he also developed the McDonald’s mobile app. I’m starting to see a pattern here. I think this guy needs a home cooked meal.