Are Y’all Hard of Hearing?

This has been a hell of a week for news. We started the week ending the war in Afghanistan with more questions than answers. Then Hurricane Ida went through the Gulf and wreaked havoc; then she went to the northeast killed more people than in the Gulf and wreaked more havoc. The Caldor Fire is threatening to burn Lake Tahoe. A Texas law essentially outlawed abortion and enacted the craziest abortion lawn in the country. A law that allows anyone in the country to sue anyone involved in an abortion after six weeks gestation. The Supreme Court denied an emergency motion that could have stopped it. Oh! And let’s not forget the undercurrent of COVID-19 running through all of this. 

On Abortion, Luuvie Jones, the writer said it better than I can and I agree with her 100%:

This should not be a surprise to anyone. This started with alternative facts. Then it was a war on science. Then they stacked the court. Then they stormed the Capital. Next, they attacked voting rights. Then they come for LGBTQ rights, then they came for Women’s rights. This is an old play, so let’s not pretend we didn’t see this coming. So what now? Well, Nancy Pelosi says lawmakers will take up the Women’s Health Protection Act when they return to session on Sept 20. This bill would codify Roe v. Wade and block states from putting medically unnecessary restrictions in place. But, just like the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the For the People Act, the original Infrastructure Bill, this is just for show. Democrats “control” both chambers of congress and get nothing done. I would not hold my breath if I were you. But you can bet this big Texas energy will spread like the wildfires of California.

A Women’s March is planned in every state for October 2, 2021, which is days before the Supreme Court begins its next term.

It’s Not You, It’s Rahm

Did the Biden Administration make a mistake by nominating  former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a U.S. ambassador to Japan? Biden nominated Emanuel and there was almost immediate push back from some Democrats. Emanual has worked for two very popular Democratic presidents. He headed the finance committee for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992 and as a senior advisor for Clinton. He was also President Obama’s chief of staff for a year before he resigned to run and win his election as mayor of Chicago. As part of this nomination, Biden pointed to Emanuel’s revitalizing efforts in Chicago. He could even have some Republican support for his nomination, because they share some of the same political donors. 

So what’s the issue? His record on racial justice. In a joint statement, Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) and Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.) bashed Emanuel, saying he “helped cover up the brutal murder” of Laquan McDonald, who was fatally shot by Chicago police in 2014. 

“This nomination is deeply shameful,” the New York Democratic congresswoman said in a statement on 1 September. “As mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel helped cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald – a mere teenager when he was shot 16 times in the back by a Chicago Police Officer.”

 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Here’s the Background: While Emanuuel was mayor, his administration withheld video footage of the 2014 murder of McDonald by the police. McDonald was shot 16 times while walking away from Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. There was dash cam footage, but Emanual had a hand in keeping it hidden for 13 months after the muurder. The footage was only released by order of a Judge.  Following its release, Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder, and three other officers where charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice in connection with the cover-up. Van Dyke was later found guilty of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

At the time, the controversy around this case caused Emanual to drop his plans for a third term as mayor and he left office. During Biden’s election, Emanual lobbied for a Cabinet position and was being considered for Secretary of Transportation. This was blocked by some of the same lawmakers speaking out now. 

But that’s not all. As mayor, Emanuel also earned the nickname, Mayor 1%. He faced intense criticism for favoring wealth developers at the expense of poor communities. He shuttered dozens of public schools and half of the city’s public mental health clinics while pushing projects to expand charter schools and development plans that drew allegations that he was carrying out a “strategic gentrification plan” to “push people of color out of the city.” Emanuel also pressed Obama to abandon his efforts to pass Obamacare while serving as White House chief of staff and played a major role in the Clinton administration’s efforts to reform welfare, sign NAFTA, and implement tough-on-crime policies that resulted in an explosion of mass incarceration.

So this begs the question, Why would Biden try this again?  And does this guy really align with your views? I mean, why this guy? It makes me think Biden owes him for something. If his record makes him unattractive for Mayor of Chicago or Secretary of Transportation, then why would he be better suited for an ambassador position? He should get a job in the private sector and sit down. But because Biden has not learned his lesson here we are. There has to be someone else that can be Ambassador to Japan.

Porn Stub

What happens when a 43 year old man goes to his parents home for ten months, after a divorce, and they destroy his porn collection?  He sues that’s what. A Michigan man,  David Werking,  just won a lawsuit against his parents and they have to pay him $30,441 for porn. 

He said they had no right to throw out his collection of films, magazines and other items. Werking’s parents said they had a right to act as his landlords. The Judge said that’s not a thing. Werking estimated his collection at $25,000 and the court went with the evaluation of an expert. According to emails between Werking and his father, the collection included 1,605 individual titles of DVDs and VHS tapes. 

“Frankly, David, I did you a big favor getting rid of all this stuff,” his dad said in an email.

AP News: Parents must pay $30,441 for getting rid of son’s porn cache

I wonder if his dad is keeping that same energy now that he has to pay him for it. Listen, the man is 43, if he wants a box of porn, let him be. I think the lesson for everyone is that porn is serious business.