Mines Still

Ok, I only got my first vaccine shot yesterday! But still, Go Me. I am doing my part to stop the spread of Covid-19, are you? I got the Pfizer vaccine and the only side effect, has been a sore arm. So on to the next.

Georgia Stay On My News

Governor Brian Kemp signed the latest anti-voting bill. This bill requires photo ID in order to vote absentee by mail, It replaced the el ted secretary of state as the chair of the state elections board with a new appointee of the legislature, reduced time and days for early voting and vars outside groups from handing out food and water to people in line to vote. CNN: Georgia Republicans speed sweeping elections bill restricting voting access into law Of course, the next steps are challenging the law in court and that is happening. But, this is just the latest of many steps Georgia Republicans have enacted to curtail Democratic/Black voters. The addition of removing the secretary of state as the chair of elections, just puts someone in place who can override and curtail the votes the way they want and the votes they don’t want. This is why federal protection is needed and why voting rights should be the number one initiative for the Biden administration. Georgia is not alone, there are 43 other similar bills around the country being debated. If Congress does not protect voting rights which is the very foundation of a democracy, then what are they doing? 

The Police Have Your Help

The New York City Law department declined to represent a police officer being sued after he pushed a woman down at a BLM rally and caused her harm. The incident was videoed and spread on social media. She sued. The city’s law department declined to represent him in this case, which rarely happens. So, because of that the New York taxpayers will be footing his legal bill. “The city treasury effectively bankrolls a union-controlled legal defense fund for officers. The little-known fund is financed in part by a direct city contribution of nearly $2 million a year that is expressly intended to pay for lawyers in civil cases where the Law Department has decided an officer’s conduct is essentially indefensible. Or, as the police union’s legal plan puts it, “when the City of New York fails or otherwise refuses to provide a legal defense.” ProPublica: A Police Union Contract Puts Taxpayers on the Hook to Defend Officers When the City Won’t It’s essentially the idea that regardless of a what a police officer does; regardless how wrong; how illegal, the city and now tax payers will support them. 

Vaccine Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme has promised to give a free glazed doughnut per day to any customer who could show proof they have had the COVID-19 vaccine. “The doughnut company’s promotion, which was meant to be a show of “sweet support,” instead sparked a Twitter war for the covid-19 age because it touches on so many current issues: the slow vaccine rollout, health concerns about pounds packed on during the pandemic, fat-shaming and sensitivity over the fact that overweight individuals are being prioritized for vaccination in some states.” WaPo: Krispy Kreme’s ‘sweet’ vaccine promotion leads to bitter Twitter war Krispy Kreme did not see this coming. Doctors were tweeting how bad it is to eat doughnuts everyday, etc. Then other people said that was weight shaming. All they wanted was to get people to get their vaccine. Ahh, the best laid plans.  

Sesame Street Tackles Racism

“Sesame Workshop announced a new set of resources as part of their Coming Together initiative called “The ABCs of Racial Literacy” that are “designed to help all families celebrate their own unique identities, while also providing age-appropriate language and strategies to answer sometimes-tough questions around race and racism.” Plus, we have two new Muppets to welcome into the Sesame Street community! Sesame Workshop announced two new Black Muppets, 5-year-old Wes and his father Elijah.” The Root: In Addition to Telling You How to Get to Sesame Street, These New Black Muppets Will Teach the ABCs of Race I’m not mad at this.