Meet Your Mama on a Sunday

Dust off your Running Shoes. The New York City Marathon will return in November. The race will have 33,000 entrants, instead of the typical 55,000, on its usual date, the first Sunday in November. And I do mean your running shoes. I don’t run. 

Real “Live” Voter Fraud

“Although police have yet to locate Suzanne’s body, her husband, Barry Morphew, 53, was charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and attempting to influence a public servant.” Suzanne was reported missing by her husband after he said she did not return from a Mother’s Day bike ride last May.  The truly crazy part: “Suzanne Morphew had been missing since May 10, 2020, yet a ballot was mailed in with her name on it casting a vote for Donald Trump.”  Yes, Barry cast a vote for his wife.  “I just thought, give him another vote,” Barry allegedly said. Barry also reportedly told authorities that he cast his wife’s vote “just because I wanted Trump to win.” Wa Po: A Colorado man pleaded for the safe return of his missing wife. A year later, he’s charged with her murder. I don’t typically put true crime in this blog, but this for me was unavoidable. What a crazy story. If true, this man killed his wife Mother’s day weekend then when November rolls around he votes for his victim in the Presidential election. This is insane and while he hasn’t been convicted of  murder, he has admitted to election fraud to help Trump! It is also funny that the more Trump and his cronies looks for voter fraud the larger Biden’s win gets. 

You might also be wondering how he got caught. He put up so many flyers and did so much media “trying to find his wife.” That when her name was seen by the election volunteers counting votes, they remembered it and called authorities. Just DUMB.

Social Debt

“With each “like” and purchase, the bank accounts of social media companies, brands, and influencers rise, and those of their audience fall. When the expenses exceed the limits of shoppers’ expendable income, those purchases can drive social media users into debt.  While it’s not technically categorized as an addiction, research has found that compulsive shopping is associated with the release of dopamine and endorphins in the brain’s reward center.” Positive social stimuli from social media also releases dopamine, meaning those who find their compulsive shopping being triggered by social media are in effect battling two simultaneous addictions. When influencers and ads proffer products via staged photos, it’s practically irresistible for thousands of social media users.” Vox: Many Americans struggle with debt. Social media doesn’t help.  I think we’ve all been there, buying something from an instagram ad or influencer, but hopefully we can stop it before going into debt. This was also easier before we were all locked up for a year with social media being most people’s outlet and best friend. 

Hiding Data Can Be Lucrative

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was paid $3.12 million in 2020 for “American Crisis,” which was published in October. Mr. Cuomo is owed an additional $2 million in coming years, state officials said. Senior aides to the governor reviewed a draft of the book manuscript during weekend sessions at the Executive Mansion this summer and a state employee printed a copy of a manuscript using an office printer, people familiar with the matter said. Democrats who control the state Assembly are looking into the production of the book as part of an impeachment investigation of the governor’s conduct, legislators have said. The state attorney general’s office is also investigating the matter, a spokeswoman previously confirmed.” WSJ: Andrew Cuomo Was Paid $5.1 Million for Covid-19 Memoir, Tax Filings Show Now, the whole printing a copy on state printers and using workers to proof the book is very thin to add to an impeachment investigation. It feels like a reach. If you don’t have enough on the things he actually did, let’s not go making mountains out of molehills. But also, that’s a lot of money, so I can see why he wanted to hide his nursing home deaths.