Rain Down On Me

Bottom of Face meet Sun. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the CDC announced that for folks like myself, you know, us fully vaccinated people, we can essentially liberate the bottom of our faces most places. At least so long as the numbers are good. So, Hello World!

Bye Fed Extra

“Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced Thursday that the state will end the $300 federal weekly jobless payments. Those payments were in addition to the pandemic unemployment checks. The governor described the move as part of an effort to push more residents into the workforce, saying the incentives are hurting our productivity not only in Georgia but around the country.” WTOC: Gov. Kemp to end weekly $300 federal unemployment payments in Ga. Georgia is just the latest of around 15 states that have done the same thing. Everyone (some employers and state leaders) is whining about a labor shortage. Well that sounds like you should make yourself more attractive as an employer. Isn’t that how market forces work. But what do I know? 

A Woman’s Worth = 25 cents

“The writer and poet Maya Angelou and the astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, are the first women who will appear on a series of quarters to be issued by the U.S. Mint over the next four years. Each woman will be honored on the reverse, or tails, side of the coins, which will enter circulation in January as part of the American Women Quarters Program. The heads side of the coin will feature a new design of George Washington.” New York Times: Maya Angelou and Sally Ride Will Be Honored on Quarters This is cool and all; but is there a reason the US could let go of the man on the FRONT for a little while. I mean really, the feminist in me is screaming. And I’m still waiting on my $20 Tubmans.

Flush What?

Just because something says “flushable” may not mean it’s flushable. “According to sewage plants and wastewater experts, those so-called “flushable” products are actually a big problem. They might be flushable enough to snake through the toilet’s plumbing, but they don’t disintegrate before they reach the various channels, tanks, and propellers at sewage plants. Instead, they clump up on everything they hit — clogging up the system and, in some cases, even breaking heavy pieces of machinery. Employees have to regularly hand-chisel wipe-boulders out of the innards of the sewage plant.” Verge: What actually makes something ‘flushable’?   First, that job does not sound pleasant. Second, it cost the country around $1 Billion a year to deal with flushable wipes, toilet seat covers, etc. If interested, pull up the article to watch the video of Verge staff testing products that are labeled flushable. Hint: The only thing really flushable from the video is toilet paper. EEK!

One reply on “Rain Down On Me”

The bottom of my face is not ready to be seen yet by just anybody. How will my face know if you’re fully vaccinated? Has the CDC lifted masks too soon?


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