Let’s Take It From the Top

Title Nine Lives 

President Biden signed an executive order to review Trump era changes to how schools handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault. Trump’s May 2020 changes to Title IX regulations, mainly affecting college campuses, raised the standard of evidence needed to determine guilt. It also allows for the accused and accuser cross-examination in a live proceeding. “Victims-rights advocates say the provision for cross-examinations could traumatize those alleging misconduct and potentially keep them from filing complaints. Biden also by executive order created a White House Gender Policy Council to advance gender equality. The council will focus on combating discrimination and sexual harassment; supporting gender equity in education, business and abroad; increasing access to healthcare; and boosting economic security for women.” WSJ: Biden Orders Review of Trump Policy Related to Campus Sexual Assaults

It’s All About the Vote

Republicans are devoted to limiting access to voting. There are some states that are passing measures to increase access to the ballot but not many. The majority are like Georgia. Georgia House Bill 531, not only limits access to voting via ID rules and reduced early voting, but it “also provides that individuals can be charged with a misdemeanor if they hand out food or drinks to voters standing in line on election days.” Slate: Unpacking the Fight Over H.R. 1, the Massive Voting Rights Bill  

This is “the most significant wave of such restrictions since the Jim Crow era.”

Michael Waldman of the Brennan Center told ABC news.

Hello Democrats! H.R. 1 has to be the next priority. Protecting voting rights is the only way you keep the House and Senate and the only way the next president isn’t Trump or Ted Cruz. As a Georgia voter, where Republicans are in control of all state government, federal protections are needed. H.R. 1 provides for, among many other things, same-day and automatic voter registration, restoring rights to people with criminal records, and an expansion of early voting, voting by mail, and absentee drop boxes. The Bill also includes many large-scale anti-corruption measures, including the mandatory release of presidential tax returns, regulation of inaugural committees and campaign coordination with foreign interests, an end to partisan gerrymandering for congressional districts, and more robust regulations of campaign finance and dark money.

The Power of White

Based on investigations between 2016 and 2020, agents and analysts with the FBI’s division in San Antonio concluded that white supremacists and other right-wing extremists would “very likely seek affiliation with military and law enforcement entities in furtherance of” their ideologies, according to a confidential intelligence assessment issued late last month.” ABC News: White supremacists ‘seek affiliation’ with law enforcement to further their goals, internal FBI report warns  This does NOT surprise any Black people. America: Giving Racists badges and guns since 1892. Of note, the FBI has been “investigating” this for 4 years, yet have done nothing but write a report. This is so par for the course. 

Flint of the South

An estimated 40,000, mostly black residents in Jackson Mississippi, are in their third week without clean water. “People weren’t prepared for it,” Rukia Lumumba, co-founder and executive director People’s Advocacy Institute, told The Root. “Our infrastructure wasn’t prepared for it. But then there’s this coupled with the fact that the state has not responded. It didn’t respond to our needs to the crisis, so people in rural communities are still without water to some extent. Then the people in Jackson are still without water and the state has failed in any regard to actually just say, ‘Let us provide some subsistence to help fix these pipes, which we know is a huge problem that the state was responsible for for years.” The Root: From Shreveport to Jackson, Water Woes Reveal Infrastructure and Racism Inextricably Linked So why do the majority white areas have water? The white areas have had the most upgrades to their infrastructure. Additionally, the white residents live closer to the water treatment plants which prevents long term outages. The majority Black areas are in south and west Jackson with no upgrades and further away from the plants. In 2017, an analysis published by The Center for Public Integrity found that Black communities are disproportionately impacted by decaying water pipe systems.

Also, NBC News: Jackson, Mississippi has a water crisis because our state legislature has a race problem

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