Morbidity, Mortality, and Consequences

Morbidity and mortality or M&M conferences are held at academic medical centers and surgical centers across the country. They occur regularly and are used to identify and prevent medical errors. The hope is that by analyzing what happened in certain instances they can modify behavior and prevent a repetition of errors. As the country does its own M&M conference, it is clear that some are trying to understand the errors that occurred and others are content with repeating those errors again. While some try to ignore and move on, focusing more on their misreading of the first amendment and the banning of Parler, others are seeking to see America as it really is. In an op-ed, in the Washington Post, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote, 

“the failure to account for the damage that can be done to our nation by a president who incites violence, congressional leaders who fan the flames, and social media platforms that sear conspiracy theories into the minds of Trump’s supporters. Unless we confront the threats we face, we risk ensuring that last week’s events are only a prelude to an even greater tragedy.”

Clinton also talked about the inherent white supremacy problem in this country, the most recent example of which happened at the Capital almost a week ago. She also acknowledged that a scene of angry white mobs, confederate flags, and makeshift gallows are nothing new to Black Americans or America. History is littered with such incidents.

In another op-ed, in Forbes, Randall Lane, chief content officer of Forbes Media and editor of Forbes Magazine acknowledged that the insurrection was not a one man operation. There were people who boldly lied for years in an effort to support Trump. They perpetuated his narrative of the world and lent credence to his lies. As a media executive, he implores others to get back to actual facts. 

From Day One at the Trump White House, up has been down, yes has been no, failure has been success. Sean Spicer set the tone with the inauguration crowd size – the worst kind of whopper, as it demanded that people disbelieve their own eyes. The next day, Kellyanne Conway defended Spicer’s lie with a new term, “alternative facts.” Spicer’s successor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied at scale, from smearing those who accused Trump of sexual harassment to conjuring jobs statistics. Her successor, Stephanie Grisham, over the course of a year, never even held a press conference, though the BS continued unabated across friendly outlets. And finally, Kayleigh McEnany, Harvard Law graduate, a propaganda prodigy at 32 who makes smiling falsehood an art form. All of this magnified by journalists too often following an old playbook ill-prepared for an Orwellian communication era. 

Randall Lane

He goes on to say that if any companies “hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, … Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie.” Eugene Robinson adds to this in his op-ed where he writes about the need for truth over “paranoid fantasy.”

As They Say: Follow the Money

Corporate America is having its say about the insurrection in the only way it speaks, with money. Many companies have announced changes in their political donations policies, at least for the time being.  

  • Marriott International, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Commerce Bancshares, a bank holding company have suspended all donations to the members of Congress who objected to the certification of the Electoral College. In the past these companies have donated to the eight senators that brought the challenges. 
  • CitiBank and JPMorgan Chase & Co., whose PACs donated to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Roger Marshall (R-KS) this cycle, have suspend donations to both parties for six months.
  • Hilton Hotels, American Airlines, BP, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Boston Scientific, Microsoft, Hallmark, Facebook and Visa will suspend and review contributions to both parties. 
  • AirBnB, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, American Express, and Mastercard are suspending donations to the Republican objectors either for a few months or an indefinite period of time. 
  • Dow, the chemical company will not donate to any member of Congress who objected to the Electoral College certification for the duration of their terms in office.
  • Bank of America and Ford Motor Co, will indefinitely suspend donations and vowed to take recent events into consideration before making future donation. 
  • CVS Health Corp., Exxon Mobil, TMobile, FedEx, Delta and Target are reviewing their political giving. 
  • Hallmark has asked Sens. Hawley and Marshall to return past political contributions.
  • PGA of America will no longer hold the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump’s New Jersey golf course. 

This does send a message. But it must be said that the behavior that lead to last week’s attack did not start last week. For years, these companies have supported the hateful rhetoric spewed by these candidates and many others.

Watching as Rome Burned

A recent Washington Post article, examined Trump’s movements during the insurrection. It tells of a president who watched live and did not want to ask the mob to stand down. After multiple asks and pleas from family and GOP members, Trump sent a couple of tweets to appease those around him. When aides finally got through to him, he reluctantly recorded messages and they chose what they said was the best of three. The best of three turned out to be a video where Trump said he loved the mob and understood them. 

“Wednesday afternoon and when it [the Capital] was finally declared secure around 8 p.m. that evening revealed a president paralyzed — more passive viewer than resolute leader, repeatedly failing to perform even the basic duties of his job.” 

The country and WaPo has to be honest, this was not paralysis, it was all by design. The president did not act because he was complicit and enthralled that his plan was working. That mob did what they were asked, their leader watched and approved with an A+. 

Giuliani Needs a Lawyer

The New York State Bar Association may disbar Rudy Giuliani for statements made prior to the insurrection. Speaking to the crowd before they descended on the capital, Giuliani said: “If we’re wrong, we will be made fools of, but if we’re right, a lot of them will go to jail. So let’s have a trial by combat!” The Bar Association has received hundred of complaints about Giuliani over the last month. It’s too bad it took people storming the capital for them to address the hundreds of complaints and consider disbarring him.

VID/VAC Update

California. The state will use Dodger Stadium and Disney World to vaccinate the masses. Dodger Stadium is currently being used as a COVID testing site. 

U.S. CDC reports nearly 9 million Americans have been given their first COVID-19 vaccination dose. The goal? One million a day.

India. Indian is launching a campaign to offer vaccines to its 1.3 billion people, in what officials call the world’s biggest vaccination drive. They are set to begin Saturday and hope to reach 300 million high-risk people inoculated over the next six to eight months. First up, are the 30 million health and frontline workers, then 270 million people over 50 or those deemed high-risk. 

W.H.O. Despite multiple countries beginning to vaccinate citizens, the World Health Organization warns that herd immunity is not likely in 2021.

U.S. Because of the pandemic, the U.S. saw the largest drop in greenhouse emissions since WWII. Emissions fell 10.3%. This drop means that the U.S. outperformed its pledge under the Copenhagen climate accord where it pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17%. So, because of the pandemic we have now reduced a total of 21.5% compared with 2005. Winning! 

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About the article “Follow the Money”
The sad thing is these companies only spoke up when republicans became so blatantly bold about things. They knew all along but thought most people didn’t know! SAD!


Morals and values should kick in at some point, if you have them, but if not you have to talk in a language they understand. Money talks!!! Great Blog!!!


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