It Started Out Cool

Happy New Year and Welcome to the first blog post of 2021! I hope you had a safe and happy ringing in of the new year. I celebrated the new year on a zoom call with five friends from high school. Four of which, I hadn’t talked to in many years. It was fun and unexpected. So, I hope I have more of that in 2021. Moving on to the news, I will keep this short and sweet today so, we can all get back to whatever it is we do on New Years Day.

VID/VAC Update

Yes, Covid is still a thing in 2021.

All over America: The U.S. can’t get it together when it comes to vaccine distribution. I, for one, am not surprised since the federal government essentially just dropped the vaccines off at the state’s “door” and said “go forth and vaccinate.” Health officials and hospitals do not have enough resources to get the vaccine out properly.  The states were left to do the hardest part themselves. So, then what happens? Florida told their elderly to line up in lawn chairs and wait hours and hours to the vaccine. Despite this, they have only disseminated less than one-quarter of their vaccines. These types of issues persist across the country. New York has only vaccinated 88,000 people or 1% of the population because of the logistics of getting it from the freezer to the person while the vaccine is still active. 

West Virginia:  42 people wanted the Covid-19 vaccine but got Regeneron instead at a vaccination clinic run by Boone County Health Department. Yep, that’s it. National plan anyone? 

Wisconsin: A now arrested hospital worker intentionally left out 500 vaccines in order and ruin them. Authorities says the motive is unknown, but he knew what he was doing. He was making the vaccines inactive so the people getting them would think they were vaccinated. I just can’t, some people are really disturbed.

Britain: I talk a lot about America, but that’s because I live here. In all my talk, however, I am definitely not recommending doing what Britain is doing. The UK plans to wait 12 weeks between vaccine doses in an effort to give more people the first dose. They want more people to have the the unknown, as yet quantified, minimal protection from the first dose alone. I just don’t get it. This is not smart, especially because Pfizer said it only tested the vaccine’s efficacy when given up to 21 days apart, not 12 weeks. Not sure why the UK would take the risk when this vaccine is so new and was approved under very strict guidelines. It is possible that after 12 weeks without a second dose, the patient would have to start the entire vaccine schedule over to get protection. Maybe the other companies’ vaccines can wait longer? Although, no companies tested for 12 weeks later. At any rate, Pfizer doesn’t know and that is vaccine that most people have been given, so far. It just sounds like a bad idea.

Florida, California, and Colorado: What do they have in common, they have documented cases of the new virus variant. I think it’s safe to assume it’s everywhere at this point. They will continue to discover new cases. So, act accordingly. 

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